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A Solemn New Year
by Swami Shankarananda

I place my palms together to wish you all a Happy New Year! But this year it is much more solemn in the light of the natural disaster on the day after Christmas. I feel for all those who are still awaiting information on friends and family who have not yet reported back after the Tsunami. I am still praying. My divine feelings of love go to those whom I have met and kept company with, especially those in Batticola. The most loving beings in the whole world are from Batticola. Therefore, my feelings are somewhat different towards them.

As the compassionate thoughts and spiritual aspirations of all of you pervade the collective consciousness of the disaster caused by Tsunami, I ask all of you to radiate your good will and awareness of the needs of those affected. Some of you have already made your contributions. I await from the others. Some of the clothes that were dropped here at the centre were disgraceful. I call on you to make donations of clothes that are usable and not just use this as an opportunity to dump your garbage.

The tsunami disaster will result in many changes in the world, creating an emergence of spiritual awareness that will assist in accelerating psychological transformation of the affected population; and also the awareness of our greater need to be responsible for the well-being of ourselves and others and also the environment. For a long time ahead, meditate daily on a regular basis. Pray for the highest good of everyone affected by this great disaster. Prayer is the only answer.

When nature drops in the ocean, a devastating quake of fire, the molecules of the water seem to be bombarding themselves, creating great waves of destruction, bringing with them uncertainty and death. Remember that God and simple living are the ideal shelters for the aftermath.

During the year 2005, commit yourself to God and God’s affairs, praying daily for peace and certainty for those who lost loved ones by this natural cause. I think of you daily in prayer, hoping that you do the same for others.

India's Disaster
by Mahavishnu
How the Masters of Gayathri Peedam forewarned the Indians.

The Tsunami which hit India, Sri Lanka and surrounding areas has left those countries in total devastation. One may ask: Why would India, a devout country, suffer such a tragedy. A country that is spiritual beyond all countries in totality - how can their prayers not protect them against such catastrophes? Perhaps we all may think like this but who can explain the mysterious ways and plays of the Lord. Examine Babaji’s words and then question whether this is indeed a catastrophe. Babaji said “Death is a joke to me and I am the death of death.” God has given us enough time to redeem ourselves and if we reach Babaji’s level of consciousness we would evaluate and conclude that this tidal wave is not necessarily a disaster, but rather an opportunity to help ailing humanity. Mother Teresa often said: “People are hungry not because God doesn’t love them, but because you have not given them food.” If we are able to adopt such an attitude, we would realise that this is actually an opportunity for us to dissolve our karma.

A day before the tsunami hit India, Yogiar, Kriya Guru of the Yoga Children of C.S.A., telephoned from America and instructed devotees to move all his valuables from downstairs to the upper floor of the ashram. The devotees thought that Yogiar was just trying to be difficult. Neverthless, they complied and Yogiar made a second call to confirm that everything was upstairs. He then instructed all the devotees to remain upstairs for the night. They heeded him and the next morning the news of the tidal wave emerged. Yogiar’s ashram was steady and water only filled the bottom floor. All the devotees and his valuables were safe. The water was a story high, yet it only circled the Babaji Shrine, a shrine that is a decade old and could easily have been demolished. Indeed, this is proof that Yogiar is “Babaji’s Parrot” and we were blessed to play with the Bliss of this parrot.

The Gayathri Peedam has always encountered Swami Murugesu as a drunkard. Many a time Swami blessed functions by appearing as a drunk man. Swami enjoys such a disguise for it tests a devotee’s ability to see through the third eye. A few days before the tsunami, Swami assumed the disguise of an old woman, thought to be drunk. “She” appeared in Balticuloa, a place where Swami has more than a thousand devotees. She warned that a tsunami was coming their way. All the citizens laughed and ridiculed that she was drunk. The woman simply walked away. The next day Swami came again, assuming Agasthiyar’s form. He warned them again, but was again accused of being a drunkard. When the tidal wave did arrive, everyone looked for the mysterious lady who could predict the future. When they did find her, the media insisted that she be filmed. After much insistence, she agreed and when the editors ran the video of her, the film was blank. Such is the power of Swami, Agasthiyar incarnate.

In line with the above, Gayathri Peedam is collecting clothes and funds to assist our fellow devotees. Personally, I feel that there isn’t a better way to die. Those who were praying in temples received liberation immediately for Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, “Think of me at the time of death, and you shall receive liberation.” Think of how auspicious it is to die whilst Mother Ganga is performing abinhegam (sacred bathing). Swami’s devotees died whilst doing Chakra Pournami Pooja and we could only infatuate about such a death!

Reader's Contributions
To the Saviour, Jesus the Christ

I called out thy name
In the emptiness of my being
Looking everywhere,
Looking for Thy radiant beam.
My sweet Lord, my sweet Christ,
Only your love will suffice.
I cry these tears of pain.
I cry, my sweet Lord, thy name.
But where art thou in the darkness of my being?
My sweet Lord, my sweet Lord,
Only your Love will suffice.
Oh! heavenly Father of mercy and love
My sweet Lord, my sweet Christ,
Only your Love will suffice.
Jai Guru.