Usually contribution to Transcendence is by invitation only, but if you feel that you or your organisation have valuable spiritual teachings from which you feel serious aspirants could benefit, then please email us at either with your website details or a selection of sample articles, so that we can screen your content and decide if it is along the lines of the teachings we are wanting to promote.

As a contributor to Transcendence you will be required to provide either twelve articles in advance, or to supply us with permission to select or compile twelve articles from your website or other supplied printed material. Each article must be between 400 and 500 words and of a high-quality universal spiritual nature.

All contributors are required to send in their articles by the end of December of the year during which they wish to contribute. The deadline for 2010 contributions was the 31st December 2010. Applications will be open again for 2011 contributions during October/November 2010 and all 12 articles from each contributor must be submitted by the 31 December 2011.

There is no cost to contribute to Transcendence but, in exchange for your contribution, we will promote you and/or your organisation by publishing your website and/or contact details. Please ensure that all your articles are properly written, failing which we reserve the right to edit and or amend as necessary before publication. Please also ensure that you have the right to grant us permission to use the articles that you supply us with. Sources of all articles must be acknowledged so please ensure that your references and resources are supplied along with your articles.