Below are the permissions and comments from our current contributors.

Thank you for your informative e-mail letter. I am glad to know about the good work that is being done by you and others in South Africa. My writing schedule is already fully planned, as we produce 16 publications a year. You may, however, freely use any of my articles in Truth Journal and our other publications, or from my books or our web site.
Roy Eugene Davis, CSA, Lakemont Georgia, USA (16.01.2010)

Dear Jo. I am happy for you to use the articles in whatever way the Swami thinks will help. Please send him my best wishes. Namaste.
Rod Briggs, Mindlink (18.01.2010)

Thank you for offering us the opportunity to submit some articles for your magazine, which we hope will be of interest to your readers. We will be pleased to compile a suite of articles on various themes, such as meditation, consciousness, the soul and spiritual qualities. We wish you every joy and success in your work. And we hope that we can work together in the service of humanity and Hierarchy. With all good wishes,
Mark Salzedo, (for) Lucis Trust, Whitehall Court, London (22.01.2010)

Happy day! This is a the best first email to read in the morning. Well done with the growth of Transcendence. Yes, you are more than welcome to continue publishing Heavenletters. I feel touched and honored to have Heavenletters represented in your publication.
Gloria and Santhan, Heavenletters (27.01.2010)

Thank you very much for contacting Ananda Sangha about re-printing some of our articles in your Transcendence magazine. May Divine Mother continue to bless the work you are doing in South Africa. On behalf of Ananda Sangha I give you permission to reprint any articles from our online Ananda Clarity Magazine website, and our Ananda Blog. In joyful service to God and Guru,
Lalaan Hickey, Ananda Communications Group (28.01.2010)

That would be fine (to use excerpts from online articles at our Reference Library) and you are also be free to republish any content from our website, which is a collection of articles about the teachings, central figures and history of the Faith. You could also republish (with accreditation) any Baha'i World News Service stories.
Jane Senour, Baha'i Organisation, San Deigo (18.02.2010)

You have my permission to use my articles in the Transcendance Magazine.
Tracy White, the Energy Centre (12.01.2010)

I've had a word with Mr Creme. He has given his permission. You may also print the latest information about Matireya's emergence.
Felicity Eliot, Share International (14.03.2010)

Thanks so much for offering to share the light of ECK in your online magazine Transcendence! It is deeply appreciated. Yes, feel free to use articles from our Web site,, and excerpts from our free online books (with revocable permission) ...
Jason Young, Copyrights & Trademarks ECKANKAR (8.04.2011)

Yes, you may do that (use articles from The Science of Getting Rich) and thanks for asking. You can display the following website: Wishing You Joyful Abundance,
The tsogr Team (19.03.2011)

Jo, I am attaching some areticles and there are a bunch on my website you can use. See how that works out and if you need more let me know.
Bernie Siegel (6.11.2010)