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The Science of Mental Materialisation

by Swami Murugesu

All the things seen in the universe are made of condensation of the same root matter in different quantum and shapes. The scientist says that the existence of everything in the entire world is due to the combination of 96 types of atoms. Similarly, the spiritual science affirms that these atoms are made up of subtler things of very tight gathering only. Let us now take the atoms as the basis and analyse them. Hydrogen and Oxygen, when they combine, produce water. Likewise, all other things have originated by a tight gathering of atoms of a certain shape and certain number.

The entire universe is filled with atoms which have not been created by man. Why do these atoms gather in a particular measure? If we were to say that they gather themselves, all the atoms should have gathered if hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms were to combine all by themselves, there should be no hydrogen and oxygen in space and separately available to man. The fact is that some hydrogen and some oxygen atoms join together in a particular place, and the rest of the atoms are found separately. Scientists like Albert Einstein, who studied the behaviour of atoms, found out that some kinds of atoms combining at a particular place at a particular quantum, should be acting under the direction of mind like energy. The same views are expressed in the Upanishads, “So Amasyatha god wished to create things. The think that thinks is mind. Therefore, the Supreme Being with the aid of His mind, created things”.

Like electricity, magnetism and atomic energy, the mind in man is also an energy. This has been proved by many scientists. Today, a microphone can be fitted to a radio and, if one thinks strongly in Agja Wheel, their thought can be heard over the microphone fixed onto the radio. This is called mental radio.

With less voltage of electricity, one cannot achieve great things. Just as we boost the low wattage of electricity by various gadgets, the mind energy of low power can be boosted. The mind energy can be inducted in atoms and we can create things. This is called ‘Mental Materialisation’. Magicians show an empty tin and after closing and opening it, there are sweetmeats inside. Although such tricks are mostly tricks, they are some who can really undertake such materialisation. This is confirmed by Swami Vivekananda. By inducting the mental energy in atoms and making them compress, these siddhis are accomplished.

The body of a man who is always happy, although he may not consume very nutritious food, will be healthy - the reason being his mental state. One who takes nutritious food and is weighed down by worries and anxiety will develop a body that does not produce the required atoms and cells to replace the worn-out cells so frequently he will lose weight. The reason is that his negative mind-set destroys the bodily cells.

Once a person “A” was only “A”, but we hear of stories that a sadhu was seen in many places at the same time. This happens due to materialisation of mind force. The mental energy is inducted into the atoms and materialise the required shape. This is found in Ramayana when Maya Sita was created. By now you will know that by compressing atoms through mental energy, things can be created. In our daily practice we find people using mental power and getting the things they desire without being aware of it. Therefore, with mental power, anyone can create anything he needs and this is known as ‘mental materialisation’. To use mental energy in such a large measure, one needs a lot of mental energy and this can only be attained through regular practice of Pranayanam, concentration and meditation. Now I will explain the method of using mental power.

If you wish to attain anything in the world, all you have to do is mentally visualise the thing you want. The thinking and visualisation should be very one-pointed and deep. The thing will bring such circumstances that will enable one to materialise the thing thought of. To give an example experienced by us, we have seen practically that whatever we need in Ceylon reaches our hand after some deep thinking. This state is really mental materialisation. Therefore, we say with full confidence, that anyone, by mustering his mental energy and compressing the atoms through Pranayanam, concentration and meditation, can achieve whatever one wants. Please practice Pranayanam, concentration and meditation regularly taught by a qualified person.

Stanger’s Chariot Procession
By Mahavishnu

We often ask devotees to come and see the Mother on certain auspicious days. On one special day, the tables are turned and the Mother visits her children. This is the essence of the Chariot Procession. This delightful, exciting and enjoyable festival was held on the 5th of March, although preparations for this event took place well in advance. Dedicated devotees collected donations and ensured that every need was attended to. Hard work? Well, if you consider what the Mother and Swami give to us, this is just a drop in the ocean. The day dawned beautiful. The sacred bathing or abishagam occurred at three in the morning. It was truly marvellous to hear the ringing of the bell coincide with the recitation of the Azaan - what religious harmony! Mother Durga, transported the day before, was bathed with many ingredients including milk, sour milk and jasmine oil. Thereafter, she was dressed in a bridal sari, adorned with glittering jewellery and a handbag to complete the appearance. Her hair was combed and placed in position, after which her crown was adorned with carnations and gypsophila flowers. At this point, Guru exclaimed, “There is not another Durga who looks as radiant and beautiful as ours!”

After performing the havan (sacrificial fire), Mother Durga was rocked three times before being placed on her chariot, beautifully bedecked with marigolds and material. Thus began the Mother’s journey to the hearts and homes of her devout devotees. The Siva Temple Chariot procession also occurred on the same day. The meeting of the vehicle of Durga with that of her eternal consort Siva, heralded emotions of extreme happiness. This was the meeting of the greatest forces in the universe, i.e. Shakti (energy) and Prakriti (matter).

The procession proceeded to many of the devotees homes. The decadent chariot snacks were served at every stop and the chariot was warmly welcomed by the Sri Sanatan Mandal. The priest’s wife performed arati, and her voice is truly soul-stirring. At the Chetty’s home, the abishqngam of Siva in the form of the Siva Lingam, took place. The service which followed was enjoyed by all. Thereafter, hot meals were served - a good contrast to the cold weather. The Chariot then returned to the Mdoniville Temple in the early hours of Sunday Morning. The Mother’s visit was long, yet she looked as fresh as when she began her journey.

To be in the Mother’s company is life-changing. She is quiet, yet she answers every prayer. She is motionless - yet she controls every movement. She is still, yet ever so vibrant. Such was the bliss experienced by all who attended the Chariot Procession.

Reader's Contributions

Life and Death
Man’s period on planet earth is indeed a short one, especially if one considers how old the universe actually is. What man often fails to realise through impaired self-awareness is that his refusal to consider death seriously, causes him to contemplate life less seriously. It is a gift to be animated in physical body, yet at the same time to have the potential to overcome ordinary awareness and physical limitation by the metaphysical practices given to us by the spiritual masters of the world. Indeed, by their own example, they proved that this life is truly what you make of it. So many gurus, prophets, sages and saints have come and given their message of immortality to us but how many of us respond to their calling? yet, with every experience of good and bad, evolution refuses to stop. The man who is a slave to his bad habits is intuitively aware that his actions will not bring him what he really desires. In time, the powers of soul discrimination awaken in him, and bring to him a new realisation, the possibility of experiencing something different, yet still pleasurable. Such a realisation is significant in one’s evolution and is probably the single most contributing factor leading the individual to complete awareness, or the experience of the “all in all” or the Totality. My dear brothers and sisters, life is too short to waste; before the blink of an eye you could be going back to where you came from. To live this life to your highest ability is to do God proud. To see the beauty of the universe in a single rose petal is to see God himself. For, ultimately, the idea of separation from God is all that it is, an idea - not the truth. He is in every one of us. He knows our darkest desires and our greatest aspirations. He is the certainty of uncertainty, the sinner and the saint, the policeman and the rapist, one appearing as many. Don’t let the dream fool you, for once it does, you will inevitably suffer the results of participating in it.

Glory of Guru
In birth you are that which is immanent,
In life you represent true knowledge,
Absolute truth and unconditional Love.
In death, I shall find, by your grace, the constancy
That underlies change. Divine Preceptor, illumine our
Hearts with selflessness, our minds with purity and
Our souls with rememberance!
By Suren

Swami Sri Yukteswar
1855 – 1936

Swami Sri Yukteswar, an ideal exemplar of India’s ancient heritage of illumined rishis, is venerated as a Jnanavatar (’incar-nation of wisdom’) wisdom by people all over the world who have been inspired by his life and teachings. He manifested the self-mastery and divine attainment that have been the highest goal of Truth-seekers throughout the ages.

Swami Sri Yukteswar’s pursuit of Truth led him to the great sage Lahiri Mahasaya, who extolled the sacred science of Kriya Yoga meditation as the most effective means of attaining God-realization, and who was the first to teach openly that ancient science in modern times. Through the guidance of Lahiri Mahasaya and through his own practice of Kriya, Sri Yukteswar attained spiritual illumination. His strength of principle, boundless compassion, and profound understanding were not the result of intellectual study, but of direct perception of Reality.

A saint of truly universal outlook, Sri Yukteswar recognized that a synthesis of the spiritual heritage of the East with the science and technology of the West, would do much to alleviate the material, psychological and spiritual suffering of the modern world. His deep conviction that tremendous advances could be made, both individually and internationally, by an exchange of the finest positive features of each culture was crystallized by his remarkable meeting with Mahavatar Babaji, the guru of Lahiri Mahasaya. Perceiving Sri Yukteswar’s great interest in furthering spiritual harmony among all nations, Babaji requested him to write The Holy Science to show the underlying unity of Hinduism and Christianity.

In 1920 Swami Sri Yukteswar sent his foremost disciple, Paramahansa Yogananda to America to disseminate a knowledge of the liberating science of Kriya Yoga to Truth-seekers around the world. For this purpose, Sri Yogananda founded Self-Realization Fellowship, an international society with headquarters in Los Angeles. During his three decades in the West, he lectured extensively; wrote numerous books and prepared a comprehensive series of yoga lessons for home study; and trained monastic disciples to carry on the spiritual and humanitarian work entrusted to him by Mahavatar Babaji and Swami Sri Yukteswar.

In his Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda describes his many years of spiritual discipline in Sri Yukteswar’s ashram. Sri Yogananda wrote of his Guru: “Each day with him was a new experience in joy, peace and wisdom ... Sri Yukteswar was reserved and matter-of-fact in demeanor. There was naught of the vague or daft visionary about him. His feet were firm on the earth, his head in the haven of heaven. Practical people aroused his admiration. ‘Saintliness is not dumbness! Divine perceptions are not incapacitating!’ he would say. The active expression of virtue gives rise to the keenest intelligence ...”

“Sri Yukteswar’s intuition was penetrating; heedless of remarks, he often replied to one’s unexpressed thoughts ... I daresay he would have been the most sought-after guru in India had his speech not been so candid ...”

“Sri Yukteswar found no insuperable obstacle to the mergence of human divine. No such barrier exists, I came to understand, save in man’s spiritual unadventurousness.”